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Scheel Seats Australia have been operating in the production of Holden, Ford, Nissan and Porsche car seat manufacturing for over 40 years.


Services We Provide

  • Hand Made Seat Fabrication
  • Car Interior Restoration
  • Motor Trimming
  • Parts
  • Accessories


We are dedicated friendly staff tailoring to your custom needs!



Due to a large volume of enquiries made regarding purchases made elsewhere. We here at Scheel Australia would like to inform customers that the only way to avoid being left feeling unsatisfied with your purchase of any Scheel Australia product is to purchase it direct from us here at Scheel Australia. We are the only stockist of genuine accessories and the only Scheel Seat and interior trim products manufacturer...... We cannot and do not recommend any other seller or motor trimmer, nor do we have any exclusive reseller agreements with any company or individual outside of Scheel Australia. We are a seat manufacturer and are complied to do so, meaning purchasing your Scheel Australia products elsewhere may leave you open to poor quality products, and more importantly a genuine safety risk for yourself and your family/friends travelling in your vehicle.